Italy: the home of the world’s most famous sports car manufacturer, Ferrari. Not content with producing one jaw-dropping luxurious brand of sports car, however, Italy spoils car buyers with further gorgeous brands for us to picture in our dreams. Lamborghini and Maserati are two more big-name Italian car brands in which we’d happily rock up to a first date or a business meeting in.
Then we have Italian brands such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo. These practical cars are as reliable as they are elegant. Whether you’re just picking up the kids from school or have somewhere else to be, they help you get from A to B with zero fuss and zero damage to street cred.

Why do we love Italian cars so much?

It’s all about the passion of the manufacturers for design. Whether you’re just nipping out to buy a loaf of bread or planning to put the vehicle through its paces on the motorway, Italian car manufacturers design their cars to be beautiful. The bodywork reflects an unbridled sense of design freedom you don’t get with other cars and is exceptionally easy on the eye.
Then there’s the majestic way they put them together. Whereas in some cars, you’d roar up to your final destination, in an Italian car you smoothly roll up to it instead. To do so any other way is just not stylish. The finely constructed engines purr contentedly while the vehicle is in motion and you just enjoy the ride.

The best new Italian cars

Sporty and elegant — that’s what Italian cars are about. Below are some of the best new Italian cars out there, sporty and otherwise. You might find yourself hankering for one: