Hands up who’s guilty of not checking their tyres often enough? Be honest, if it’s been more than around one month or 1,000 miles, it’s time to have a quick look. 

Tyre checks are generally woefully overlooked by drivers but can lead to damage to your car, accidents, failed MOTs and even driving offences if not in the right condition. 

We think tyre maintenance is critical so we’ve created our top three checks detailing simple steps to help you look after your car’s tyres.

1. General wear

Check over for lumps, bumps and foreign objects like nails. It’s important to have a surface free of debris so the tyre grips the road properly. This is also an easy way to check for any punctures.

2. Tread depth

The legal limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, but ideally it’ll never reach this point. The quickest way to check this is using a 20 pence piece. The inner line around the edge of the coin is around 2mm, so if you can’t see this then your tread should be deep enough. Check in two different places over all four of the tyres to ensure you’re getting an accurate reading.

Better still, there are specialist gauges you can buy for just a few pounds from places like Halfords, Argos and Amazon if you’re unsure.

If your tread doesn’t reach 1.6mm you could receive three penalty points on your licence and a hefty fine.

3. Tyre pressure

Keeping your tyre pressure topped up is also an easy way to maintain vehicle safety. The best time is when the tyres are cold and it’s especially important before long journeys, if you’re carrying heavy loads, or towing anything.

You can find out what pressure you need by checking the operating manual which can often be found online. It can also sometimes be printed under the fuel cap, on the inside of the driver’s door or in the glove compartment.

Using a pressure gauge at a petrol station should ensure you’re getting an accurate reading and there will also be the facility there to top up air if necessary.

Alternatively, if you’re travelling on the M6, stop off at the southbound Keele services for a free check courtesy of WheelRight. All you need to do is drive over a sensor and you’ll be given a free, no obligation, printed report detailing your tyre pressure. Find out more here.

If your tread doesn’t reach 1.6mm you could receive three penalty points on your licence and a hefty fine.