Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a bit of a fad in the car world of revamping old classic cars and bringing them up to date for the 21st century. From the new Mini to the Fiat 500, these have been top sellers in recent years. There are some really great examples which make for great retro runarounds – but do the updated versions live up to the classics? If you’re looking for a funky new motor this summer, these are well worth a look. And if you can’t decide which one, then maybe our retro ratings will help you out!

VW Beetle This was the remake that set the trend a few years back, and now there is another new version which should be appearing on the used market before too long. The original model enjoyed the longest manufacturing run in car history (starting in 1938!). The remake was a big hit too, adding a bit of extra space and comfort. In its signature yellow, we think it gives the original a run for its money. Take a look at the latest Beetle's for sale on Motors.

Retro Rating – 8/10

New Mini This has always been a controversial one, with lots of purists arguing that the new versions have lost some of the charm of the original. Newer models are much more spacious and in fact don’t feel that ‘mini’ anymore. In itself, we reckon the new Mini is a great motor, but whether it has quite retained the ultimate British cool factor of the original, we’re not sure. Take a look at the latest mini's for sale on Motors.

Retro rating – 6/10

VW Golf Another long-running success from Volkswagen, the Golf has been redesigned over and over and remains a great looking and ever-reliable car. Some of the more recent redesigns have given the Golf a more mainstream look however. The models from the 1970s and 1980s were so distinctive – does the new version have the same edge? Take a look at the latest Golf's for sale on Motors.

Retro rating – 5/10

Fiat 500 The new Fiat 500 has been a great success since it hit the market a couple of years back, and we can see why. The original is such a cute car, and the new version has successfully retained that unique Italian quirkiness and personality. Still a great traffic dodger, it has added a bit more room, and the engine sounds a little more reassuring as well! Take a look at the latest Fiat 500's for sale on Motors.

Retro rating – 9/10

Renault Twingo You can’t move for these little things in France, and with the newer designs, they are becoming increasingly popular over here too. A great little motor no doubt, but the newer models seem to have borrowed a bit of attitude from their big brother the Clio. We miss those innocent looking older models with the customary French dent in the side! Take a look at the latest Twingo's for sale on Motors.

Retro rating – 6/10