Compared to their two-wheel drive variants, 4x4s are known for being less economical, with the engine having to work harder, using extra fuel, to power all four wheels. However, with today’s improved technology, including the magic of plug-in hybrids, 4x4s are no longer the gas guzzlers they used to be. In fact, there are some excellent 4x4s on the market that are rather efficient.

Tips to improve fuel economy

If you’re conscious of fuel economy and want the best return possible, you’ll want to look at more than a car’s miles per gallon (MPG) figures. To get the most mileage for your money, you’ll want to follow these practical tips too. Typically, fuel economy is improved by:

  • Driving at slower speeds and sticking to the speed limit
  • Removing heavy items from the car, including bike racks and roof boxes
  • Ensuring the tyres are at the correct pressure
  • A well-serviced and maintained car
  • Stop/start technology (just remember to take your foot off the clutch to engage it)
  • Turning off electrical appliances, including air con
  • Driving smoothly, whether accelerating, braking, or changing gears
  • Driving directly to your destination (plan ahead and avoid detours)

Top 10 Best Economical 4x4s

Please note the miles per gallon quoted below are rough estimates that will vary in real world practice depending on numerous factors, like those mentioned above. Furthermore, the mpg figures depend on the model of the car, engine, and drivetrain (whether 4×2 or 4×4), so treat them more as guidelines than an exact science. Nonetheless, read on to see what we’ve chosen as our top 10 best economical 4x4s.