Crossover vehicles are very popular right now, with broad appeal to a large demographic, from families to commuting professionals. And thanks to a boom in demand, you can find some excellent cheap models, whether buying new or from the used car market.


Whilst many buyers understand a crossover is a type of sports utility vehicle, with a slightly different framework, there is actually a little more to it that defines this type of car. The main difference between a crossover and a true SUV is the architecture: crossovers have a ‘unibody’ with the chassis and bodywork integrated into one another, whereas conventional SUVs are built ‘body on frame.’ In short, this means a crossover has SUV-like features, including a raised ride height and chunky styling, as well as aspects similar to a traditional car, with a lighter build and more responsive handling. Compared to large SUVs, other qualities and selling points of the crossover typically include:

  • A cheaper starting price
  • Better handling
  • Improved fuel economy

In addition, crossovers still enjoy the sought-after traits of an SUV. Usually, they offer:

  • A raised driving position with a commanding view of the road
  • Lots of practical space and large boots
  • Four-wheel drive options for poor weather and light off-roading


When it comes to finding a good deal on a crossover, there is a great selection of affordable models in the new and used car market thanks to a strong line up of vehicles and lots of competition. To find out which are the top 10 best cheap crossovers available today, read on.