When it comes to the question what drivetrain provides the most fun, sports car enthusiasts know the answer. It’s rear-wheel drive. And when you find a good coupe or convertible with this setup, it’s easy to see why.


Rear-wheel drive (RWD) offers a different motoring experience compared to front-wheel drive (FWD). Yet, both have their own pros and cons. Rear-wheel-drive cars are usually more engaging and more fun to drive, providing an experience in itself. RWD cars are often:

  • More powerful, with impressive engines available
  • More balanced in every aspect of the drive
  • Better made with strong build quality, designed to be driven hard
  • More expensive to buy and run
  • More complex, which can lead to more expensive service bills

On the other hand, FWD vehicles are:

  • Cheaper to run and buy
  • Mechanically less complex
  • Not as fun as RWD
  • Offered with less powerful engines



Compiling this list is a tricky task, from the great selection of RWD sports cars, coupes, and convertibles available on the market. We’ve tried to balance it with a variety of vehicles to suit different budgets, from luxury marques, to high-performance beasts, to affordable models that are still just as impressive, particularly considering their price. One thing they all have in common, however, is the fact that they are outstanding autos in their segment. Read on to discover our top 10 best rear-wheel drive cars.