When it comes to buying a new car, it’s always nice to have some free extras thrown in for good measure. And when it comes to insurance, there are certain manufacturers that offer excellent deals to help get motorists on the road, providing free insurance for the first year.


There is usually a selection of new cars (typically smaller vehicles) that are offered with free insurance, although how the deal is applied differs from model to model. Some apply a discount to essentially cover the cost of the insurance, whilst others include a discount to a finance deal. Typically, free insurance deals:

  • Are often aimed at younger or newer drivers
  • Require drivers to be aged 18 and above
  • Require a clean driver’s licence
  • May require a telematics recorder installed to your car to monitor how you drive
  • Only cover the first year

There are also some manufacturers that offer finance deals that are open to all drivers, providing an all-inclusive package that covers insurance, servicing, and maintenance for a number of years for new models. These are usually payable monthly and although it’s not free, it can take some of the hassle out of the equation, allowing car owners to focus on driving.


The cars on this list are often available with a year’s free insurance, but to get such deals there is usually certain criteria that must be met as mentioned above. In short, the terms and conditions usually vary, so it’s wise to read all the details before committing to a deal. With that in mind, please read on to discover the top 10 best new cars that are likely to be available with free insurance.