The best eco-friendly cars offer low emissions and excellent fuel economy, or in the case of sustainable electric vehicles (EVs), zero tailpipe emissions and fantastic driving range. If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint or you’re just looking to enjoy the benefits of environmentally-friendly motoring, then be sure to read on to check out our top 10 best eco-friendly cars.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Today, environmentally-friendly cars are more accessible and useable than ever before. Electric cars now boast fantastic battery range and quick charge times, whilst a wide selection of hybrids and plug-in hybrids produce low CO2 emissions and excellent fuel efficiency. There are lots of other benefits to eco-friendly vehicles as well. Typically, greener cars:

  • Release less harmful chemicals into the air – better for human health and the planet
  • Use less fossil fuels and emit less greenhouse gases, reducing your carbon footprint
  • Are cheaper to run, and have low running costs
  • Can be Exempt from the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone and Congestion Charge
  • Can enjoy additional benefits, such as  lower road tax in the first year and lower company car tax


When it comes to a list such as this one, nowadays it would be easy to fill it with electric vehicles, but then it’d be little more than a top 10 of EVs, albeit with a different title. And not every motorist is ready to make the switch, as EVs are not yet ready to suit the needs of every driver (though they are now very close). So, instead we’ve split the ten autos on this list into two segments: the first five are some of the best eco-friendly electric cars from different sectors. Similarly, the last five (6-10) are some of the best vehicles for the environment with the lowest CO2 emissions, again from a variety of different classes. We hope to showcase the fact that green cars can suit a wide variety of lifestyles. Read on to see our top picks.