With the wealth of cutting-edge systems being added to the latest models, driving is becoming easier, safer, and more user friendly every year. And self-parking functions are the cherry on top of the cake for many drivers. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the arsenal of clever driver assists and smart technologies currently employed by  newer models. It’s astonishing too, watching a steering wheel spin itself to back the car into a spot.


When it comes self-parking, there are a few different technologies to assist you. In total, there are four main types of parking assist systems:

  • Fully automated parking, which does the whole process for you, steering, braking, and accelerating – all the driver has to do is manage the safeguards, which is usually holding down a button.
  • Steering assisted parking, which as the name suggests will do the steering for you once a space is selected, prompting you when to brake, accelerate, and change gears – it’s currently the most common type of parking assist.
  • Park and exit, which functions like steering assisted parking, only with the added bonus that it’ll get you out of the space as well as in it – handy if you get sandwiched in a busy car park.
  • Remote control parking, which requires you to line the car up with a space, exit the vehicle, and hold down the digital key fob or smartphone app to remote activate the car to park in the spot (or exit it) – it’s always a surreal and impressive sight, seeing a vehicle with no-one inside it park itself – it’s the way of the future.


If you’re wondering how self-parking tech works, typically you just push a button to engage the car’s park assist. Next, the vehicle’s parking sensors will scan the spaces as you drive the street or car park looking for a spot. They’ll beep once they find a suitable space and then you select it and it’ll take over from there. Some variants require you to find the space yourself, with most requiring you to use the indicator to select which side you want the car to park. Easy as A, B, C. Read on to see our top 10 best self-parking cars.