• Video review: Mercedes-Benz X-Class

    Video review: Mercedes-Benz X-Class

    Take a look at the various pick-up offerings on the market and there are some pretty well-established names in there. Cars like the Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara, cars that are rugged and…

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  • Video review: Megane Renault Sport

    Video review: Megane Renault Sport

    The evolution of hot hatches continues with the latest crop of practical performance hatchbacks offering more tech, more power and more driving pleasure than ever before. And there are also a couple of impressive new…

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  • Video review: Jaguar E-Pace

    Video review: Jaguar E-Pace

    Jaguar is yet another manufacturer that couldn’t avoid the overwhelming popularity of the compact SUV, and in response introduced this – the E-Pace. The baby of its range of off-roaders, it’s been designed to encompass…

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  • Video review: Hyundai i30N

    Video review: Hyundai i30N

    The hot hatch segment has always been populated with the same regular faces, the Ford Focus ST, Honda Civic Type R, VW Golf GTi and Vauxhall Astra VXR. That said, it’s very rare for a…

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  • Video review: Honda HR-V

    Video review: Honda HR-V

    The Honda HRV was first launched back in 1999, with the intention of providing the looks of a sporty hatch with a usable size, as well as a raised ride height. Initially unsuccessful, it was…

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  • Video review: Honda Civic

    Video review: Honda Civic

    Shopping around for a mid-sized family hatchback is getting more and more complicated these days, and now it just got that little bit trickier with Honda’s latest take on this, the tenth generation Civic. The…

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  • Video review: Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

    Video review: Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

    There are few sports cars on the market today as instantly recognisable as the Porsche 911. We’re here with one of the latest models – the Carrera GTS – which promises to offer a stripped…

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  • Video review: Ford Ranger

    Video review: Ford Ranger

    Ford knows a thing or two when it comes to pickup trucks, after all the F150 which started life in the 40s, is one of the most popular vehicles in the US with close to…

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  • Video review: Ford Kuga

    Video review: Ford Kuga

    Though many manufacturers are rushing to get their own SUVs into market in response to increasing demand from consumers, Ford was somewhat ahead of the trend and this – the Ford Kuga – is actually…

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