• Caravanners feel the pinch

    Caravanners feel the pinch

    Spiralling fuel prices mean a caravan holiday is no longer such a cheap option. Research by Motors.co.uk shows that caravan holidays may no longer offer such a cheap alternative for hard-pressed families. Pulling a caravan…

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  • Boris scraps £25 C-charge

    Boris scraps £25 C-charge

    Porsche receives £400k payout to end legal challenge, but donates cash to charity. London’s new mayor, Boris Johnson, is to pay about £400,000 to Porsche, after agreeing to scrap the proposed £25-a-day congestion charge for…

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  • Fuel duty plan would cut pump prices by 5p

    Fuel duty plan would cut pump prices by 5p

    Proposal would mean less for the Govt and more for the driverWhen world oil prices rise, the amount of tax drivers pay per litre should fall. That’s the plan outlined by the Conservatives yesterday as…

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  • RoadSafe backs safer roads campaign

    RoadSafe backs safer roads campaign

    RoadSafe, an organisation who promote occupational road risk management to British businesses, is backing a call for more money to be invested into Britain’s roads. In light of the launch of the Campaign for Safe…

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  • Prices set for reborn MG

    Prices set for reborn MG

    Two-seat TF to cost more than a Mazda MX-5 when it reaches showrooms this September. MG’s new owner, the Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC), has set the price for the reborn TF two-seat roadster. With deliveries…

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  • Driver gets two-month ban for 105mph in 30mph zone

    Driver gets two-month ban for 105mph in 30mph zone

    Student caught at over three times limit gets off lightlyA 20-year-old who drove through roadworks in a 30mph limit at a terrifying 105mph has walked free from court. Semir Nezirovic, of Heaton, Newcastle, faced up…

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  • RAC Warn Young Motorists

    RAC Warn Young Motorists

    The RAC is backing Trading Standards (TSI) and warning young drivers to avoid purchasing vehicles that are barely road worthy, referring to them as “death trap motor vehicles”. Both organisations are urging parents and guardians…

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  • For sale sign brings £100 fine

    For sale sign brings £100 fine

    North London driver gets nasty shock when he fixes an advert to his car window Putting a ‘For Sale’ sign on your car could land you with a £100 fine in some parts of the…

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  • Diesel hits £6 a gallon

    Diesel hits £6 a gallon

    Prices rise to new record – and more increases are on the wayThe average price of a gallon of diesel has hit £6.The Automobile Association keeps track of fuel prices across the UK and reports…

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