• Hybrid Ambulance hits York

    Hybrid Ambulance hits York

    With the increase in global warming many companies have started looking into ways to lower their carbon emissions, and the NHS is no exception to that. In the York area, a hybrid Emergency Response Vehicle…

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  • Cost of putting the wrong fuel in your car

    Cost of putting the wrong fuel in your car

    As basic car care mistakes go, some can be a lot more costly than others; if you’ve forgotten to sort out your frosty windscreen on a morning before setting off to work then you will…

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  • The forgotten racing car

    The forgotten racing car

    Discovered in a warehouse last week was the no classic 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula One car, which was driven by Argentinian racing car driver, Juan Manuel Fangio – a timely find with the start of…

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  • The Driverless Car

    The Driverless Car

    Imagine the scene: you’re running late for work and haven’t finished eating your toast yet. Dashing out of the house and jumping into the car, you start the engine and…sit back, finish eating your toast…

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  • Top Gear Africa Special

    Top Gear Africa Special

    It seems the Top Gear influence has hit the UK population hard, as internet search activity showed a rather more than coincidental link to the, dare we say, ‘boy’s toys’ featured in Sunday night’s episode…

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  • Mum vs Dad

    Mum vs Dad

    When taking a trip with the kids in the car, whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or a long journey to visit relatives, mums and dads will usually have a say in which…

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  • Driving Myths Debunked

    Driving Myths Debunked

    As long as there have been cars, there have been myths and old wives’ tales about driving. Some are more enduring than others, and soon become ‘facts’ – but, rest assured, we’ve found out the…

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  • The World's Strangest Driving Laws

    The World's Strangest Driving Laws

    Did you know that in some English towns it’s technically an arrestable offence to carry a pig through the high street during market days? Okay, maybe not – but you’re bound to have heard about…

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  • Upcoming Car Shows

    Upcoming Car Shows

    For car enthusiasts, motor shows offer a unique opportunity to mingle with other petrolheads and to sample the best that the motoring world has to offer. Motorsport at the Palace – 26th – 27th May,…

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