Citroen has opened up a whole new range of personalisation options for its Ami, allowing drivers to tailor the compact city EV to their own taste.

Though originally available with six packs of colourful accessories, the Ami now has an additional six patterns in themes such as ‘Jungle’ and ‘Tutti Frutti’.

Buyers in France have also been able to design their own stickers from personal photos. These stickers can then easily be applied to the car after the accessory pack has been delivered to their home. Citroen hasn’t confirmed whether or not this option will be available in the UK.

Citroen recently announced that registrations for the Ami in the UK had passed the 1,000 mark, less than two weeks after it became available to reserve online. Each person has put down a £250 refundable deposit for the vehicle prior to it arriving in the UK during spring next year.

Though adapted for use in the UK, each Ami will remain left-hand-drive when it hits the road here. With a 5.5kWh battery and electric motor, the Ami can travel for up to 46 miles on a single charge and reach a top speed of 28mph. Its electric powertrain means it’s exempt from London’s congestion charge and Ultra-Low Emissions Zone scheme.

In France, anyone aged over 14 is able to drive the Ami. In the UK, however, a full driving licence will be required to drive the tiny city car.