The Minis, Mazdas and other dinky little automobiles that fall into the automatic category are easy on the eye and easy on the driver. They’re ideal for zipping about, take some of the hassle out of driving and gift the owner the freedom of parking in spaces into which larger vehicles could only ever dream about squeezing (much to their irritation). You can’t help but love ‘em. 

Choosing a small automatic car 

A small automatic doesn’t necessarily have to be fast. If they are, it’s a win. Their smaller size will make them lighter on their wheels and they’ll be able to shift, but this isn’t the prime motivation for buying them. Choosing a small automatic is about finding a vehicle that isn’t too big to manage, that you can drive easily and that gives you the performance you want from it.

The best small automatic cars 

So you’re out looking for a small automatic? By way of suggestion, here are 10 of the best to consider: