First of all, congratulations on passing your driving test. There’s nothing like the thrill or pleasure of buying your first car afterwards and turning the keys in the ignition (or pressing the start-up button) for the first time.  
Car manufacturers know this, too, and have produced some smashing cars for first-time buyersFord, Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot and others have all spoiled drivers who are enjoying their first taste of life without L-plates.  

Buying your first car 

When picking your new set of wheels, you’ve got to look beyond the basic price tag. The on-the-road (OTR ) price gives you an idea of how much the car costs plus some first-year expenses, such as registration costs and first year road tax. Then you’ve got to consider things such as CO2 emissions, which affects first-year road tax, too; how much you intend to drive — the more miles you can squeeze out of a gallon, the better because it will lower your running costs; and whether you have enough money to insure the vehicle.  
Of course, as new driver, you’ll need to assess how the car drives. You’ll want to feel comfortable and build up confidence on the road until you’re used to driving more regularly. You may also think about safety and security features and, if you’re going to drive with a passenger regularly — or even if you’re not ��� space may also be on your mind while browsing. 

Checking out the best new cars for firsttime buyers 

Itching to buy yourself a set of first-time wheels? Sounds good to us! Here are some of the most suitable new automobiles to make your first and grab yourself some extra independence while you do it.