An Oxfordshire man has built the fastest road-legal shed, but needed the help of the Prime Minister to get it through the DVSA’s testing process.

Kevin Nicks had modified his Volkswagen Passat into the unique vehicle, which can top speeds of 70mph, but was held up in red tape before getting it on the road.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency threw hurdles in the way of Mr Nicks, disrupting the driving of his shed that was being used as a way for nearby companies to promote their name.

Mr Nicks said: “The DVSA were keeping me off the road and putting obstacles in my way. I actually built it as an advertising tool so they destroyed the business – they absolutely killed it dead.”

Nicks therefore emailed his local MP, who happened to be Prime Minister David Cameron, and after three days, a hand-signed letter had been returned from the PM.

In the letter, Mr Cameron calls the project “an interesting feat” and one “which I am sure took a lot of time and effort.”

The PM also wrote: “Regarding licensing the vehicle, I have written to Oliver Morley, Chief Executive of the DVLA, on your behalf, asking him for any help or advice that he is able to offer.”

After a four and a half month battle to get it tested, Mr Nicks’s creation finally took the test and is now on the road.

Mr Nicks added: “All I did was build a body kit for the car. I should have taken the test within a month. It took four-and-a-half months.”

The contraption itself is popular with the general public, with Mr Nicks adding: “It’s just brilliant. I am so proud to be the builder of it. When you pull up at traffic lights it makes people smile because it looks so wrong.”

Author: Jack Healy