Motorists up and down the country have been experiencing some pretty adverse weather over the past few weeks.

One only has to take a look at the hard shoulder on their nearest motorway to see some poor family stood in the howling wind and pouring rain, awaiting the rescue services.

But UK drivers should be thankful that they never have to put up with temperatures that drop below minus 40 degrees C, the sort of temperatures that threaten to freeze fuel lines and zap car batteries of juice within hours.

Certain Canadian residents do have to put up with conditions like this and that’s why companies such as Canadian Tire have engineered car components to withstand such harsh environments.

One such product is the MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra Automotive Battery that can still function when the mercury drops to dangerous levels and to show it off, Canadian Tire conjured up a neat advertising campaign.

The Toronto-based firm first placed the battery in a cooling chamber set for minus 40 degrees C and then set about carving a pick-up truck out of massive blocks of ice.

The frozen coachwork sat atop a real pick-up truck chassis and covered a functioning engine. The hardcore battery unit was then hooked up to the engine and called upon to fire up the icy beast.

According to the Canadian Tire YouTube channel, the Tire Ice Truck not only started with the frozen battery but drove the men featured in the advert to hockey practice.

Click play on the video above to see the ice truck in action

Leon Poultney


January 2, 2014

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