As the country tightens its purse strings, more women are ditching their cars andbuying motorbikes.

Research by the Post Office indicates that more than 10,500 women took their motorcycling test last year and this figure is set to rise as the cost of running cars continues to rise.

Results from the survey found that 14 per cent of women would consider trading their motor in exchange for a bike to save cash and that women who chose to ride bikes did so because of the cheaper running costs.

As the credit crunch sinks in, it’s evident that people will do whatever it takes to save money. Almost one in five people in the North of England said they would make the switch from a car to a bike, with Wales and the Midlands in hot pursuit.

“There has definitely been an increase in women bikers over the last few years,” said Tyne Henney, President of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. “WIMA GB are the original bike club for women riders in the UK, existing for 60 years. All of our members love the freedom of being on a motorbike, but more and more women are talking about the financial benefits too.”

As more women take to the roads on a bike, statistics reveal that women are in fact safer riders than men and involved in fewer accidents.

Stephen Jury


May 9, 2008