Research conducted for AA Personal Loans in December 2007 has concluded that women are more trusted to sell cars than men.

A total of 1,500 UK based driving licence holders were targeted to find the most reliable car salesperson, and results showed that four out of the top five choices of car salespeople were women.

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly came out top with 17 per cent of the total vote, whilst Katie Price and Sharon Osbourne were also considered popular contenders for the role of a trusted car saleswoman.

Statistics show that the gender divide in car buying has significantly reduced in the past 5 years with a significant increase in women purchasing second hand vehicles. According to AA Personal Loans, 29% of women will buy a second hand vehicle over 3 years old in 2008, compared to 26% of men.

Mark Huggins, Head of AA Personal Loans commented: “Our research started out as a bit of fun, but actually says a lot about the characteristics that people associate with being a trustworthy salesperson.”

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Stephen Jury


January 28, 2008

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