A Cumbrian woman has given birth in a moving car, after being prevented from getting to the hospital in time because of traffic diversions.

33-year-old Tanya Barton was travelling with her husband Lindsay to Furness General Hospital when they got stuck in traffic.

Unfortunately her contractions suddenly got more severe and the baby – named Freya Grace Barton – was born in the front seat of the family’s Ford Focus.

Luckily there were no complications with the birth, and despite being born two weeks early, Freya is a completely healthy baby girl.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, mobile hairdresser Mrs Barton, said: “It is without doubt the strangest and scariest thing that has ever happened to me. One minute I was ironing clothes at home and the next I was giving birth in our car.

“Lindsay couldn’t help me much as he was still driving, so I had to go through the birth on my own.”

Having set off for the hospital almost as soon as her contractions began, the couple’s journey was immediately beset with issues.

“A man directing traffic told us ‘you can’t go up that road, there has been an accident’,” said husband Lindsay.

“I told him that my wife was in the middle of giving birth and he just looked at us gobsmacked.”

The quick-thinking father made the decision to abandon the trip to the hospital and instead headed for his brother’s house nearby. However, baby Freya was born just minutes later.

Luckily the mother was offered assistance by a health visitor and a first-aid trained fireman when they arrived.

The family was later taken by ambulance to the hospital where they were eventually given the all-clear.

“It’s definitely a story to tell the kids and grandchildren,” said Mr Barton.

Picture: Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


August 9, 2013