There are so many factors to buying a new car. How will it drive? How spacious is it? How fast can it go? But we sometimes forget the little details, like the ease of setting up the sat nav or the ability to use the telephone without being distracted from the road ahead. has taken five of the most popular 4x4s on the market and tested how easy it is to set up major functions under a time limit.

We gave two uninitiated student volunteers seven minutes to set up the heated seats and sat nav, and to connect a phone via Bluetooth in each car. Here is how they got on.

Mitsubishi Shogun

The Shogun took the longest amount of time to set up, largely due to its fiddly Bluetooth connectivity. Heating the seats was as easy as flicking a switch, with the option of high and low temperature settings.

Finding your location was fairly straight forward and the sat nav offers full seven digit postcode entry, making it easier to find your destination.

The combination of buttons and touch screen made these factors easy to set up with limited distractions. However, the Bluetooth took an age to connect and was difficult to navigate on the infotainment display screen.

Porsche Cayenne

The majority of time spent on this car was trying to find the heated seats. Turns out they weren’t fitted!

You can choose between using the dials or touch screen when operating the sat nav and infotainment system, and some features can be operated through the steering wheel.

There was a prominent ‘Set Phone’ option on the display screen which then gives you the appropriate options to connect your Bluetooth to the car quickly and easily.

Audi Q7

Unlike the others, the Q7 isn’t equipped with a touch screen and operation of major features is via buttons and dials only. Getting onto the navigation menu was easy however, though having to work the dial over every letter of the alphabet to find the correct character became a chore.

Ergonomically sound positioning of the heated seat buttons made for easy comfort in the Audi, with the seats warming through quickly.

Pressing the ‘Tel’ button on the Q7 will give you an option to pair up your phone with the car. Besides the SatNav, this 4×4 was the easiest to become familiar with.

Range Rover

The Range Rover was a doddle to set up. The system is entirely touch-screen operated, with easy access to the car’s multitude of functions.

It took no more than four minutes to set up the heated seats, connect a phone to the Bluetooth and set a destination, thanks to the well-ordered home screen on the large display.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Like the Range Rover, the Jeep took no longer than 4 minutes to configure and was the easiest out of all the 4x4s to get set up in.

On the bottom of the touchscreen there are lots of options, easily set out so you can access everything with minimal finger prodding.

Navigation is just as easy to set up and the system suggests addresses, meaning you don’t have to type in the full postcode.

Daljinder Nagra


May 21, 2014