Welcome to the second in our series of ‘Will it Fit?’ videos, in which we test cars based on the criteria that matter most in the real world, namely whether you can get your loved ones and belongings in it safely and comfortably.

This time around we are looking at medium-sized hatchbacks. Where the family car sector has largely been dominated by niche crossovers and compact MPVs which claim to offer improved ease of use, the humble five-door hatch still has to perform, being a popular jack-of-all-trades that buyers want.

The cars we’ve selected for this test include the elegant Renault Megane, which offers room for five in a swoopy, distinctly French body. Joining it are the eco-conscious Toyota Auris Hybrid and the surprisingly accomplished Hyundai i30. We’ll find out if the Toyota’s boot-space-compromising battery pack means it loses out over its commodious Korean rival.

We’ve subjected them to a number of real-world tests, so you can tell at a glance whether they’ll swallow your bike, a brace of golf bags and even a handful of your mates and their luggage for a stag weekend away.

Click play above to watch the test in full. If you’re mulling over investing in a crossover, yet find the image a turn off, you may find a hatchback is all the car you need.