Have you ever wondered what all the warning lights on your dashboard actually mean? Well, thanks to one of the country’s leading comparison websites, you can now find out. recently found out nearly half of UK motorists do not know what their car dashboard lights mean and 60 per cent of drivers have never read their car’s manual.

So to help UK drivers understand their dashboard and keep their car running at full capacity, the company has created an interactive display to explain what each light means.

Matt Oliver, Car Insurance spokesperson at said: “Our survey found low levels of understanding amongst motorists when it comes to their car, with almost half saying that they were unable to identify all of their car’s dashboard warning lights.

“Worryingly, more than a quarter (28%) said that they don’t know how to use their fog lights, despite the darker winter nights creeping in.

“None of us buy a new car to sit down and read the manual, but spending some time familiarising yourself with the various features and warning lights could even help to save you money. Your cars dashboard lights can help alert you to any potential issues early, this means avoiding more serious problems in the long run and saving you money on costly repairs.

“The research also found that less than half of drivers were aware of their cars service interval. Should an accident result in your car being written off, your insurer may take your cars service history into account when calculating its pre-accident value. Meaning that a poor service history could leave you out of pocket.”

Check out the new interactive dashboard lights tool for yourself here.

James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at

November 8, 2016