This is Mercedes’ interesting new advert for its advanced ‘Magic Body Control’ suspension system, though instead of showcasing the car, the entire near-minute long film features chickens ‘dancing’.

Using animals to create a memorable commercial is nothing new, with the Cadbury’s Gorilla being a particular recent highlight, but Mercedes has picked chickens for more than simply a gag.

The advert highlights a chicken’s vestibulo-ocular reflex, which allows the animal to isolate the movement of its head from the rest of its body, stabilising its vision. This, or so Mercedes claims, is the principle behind its new ‘Magic Body Control’ system.

Magic Body Control is an advancement of Mercedes’ standard air suspension, fitted as standard to its flagship S-Class limousine. Using a camera fitted behind the central rear-view mirror, the car can scan the road ahead for imperfections and pre-adjust the suspension accordingly to minimise body movements and maximise passenger comfort.

The link may be tenuous, but there’s no doubt it makes for one of the more memorable car ads of recent times.

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