We all know that on Christmas Eve, Santa jumps into his sleigh with a humongous bag of presents and visits every house in the world with the aid of his magic and his eight-strong team of reindeer. But what if Santa decided he wanted a car one year, or needs something else to drive after Christmas?

He would obviously need something speedy so we’d be tempted to put him in something like the Bugatti Veyron or a Lamborghini – painted in red of course to match his suit, to ensure he gets to every house and keeps up his Christmas speed for the rest of the year.

However he’d need loads of boot space to fit all those presents in, so perhaps a sports car wouldn’t really be suited. A MPV like the Peugeot 5008 or the Volkswagen Touran might be better suited with all the extra space to fit everything in – he could even take an elf along to help. Although with his penchant for magic, he might prefer something a bit more futuristic; think electric cars or something out of Knight Rider.

Whatever he chooses to use will of course be red, but on Christmas Eve nothing beats hearing sleigh bells and leaving carrots out for the reindeer.

Dermot Kelleher


December 24, 2012

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