Since the announcement of the 2040 ban on all new diesel and petrol car sales, there has been an increased demand for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The number of pure electric cars entering the market has increased dramatically and the marketplace for such vehicles is becoming evermore fierce.

To meet this demand, charging points are beginning to sprout up even more across the UK – handy when 93 per cent of electric car owners use public charging points rather than their home ones, according to the Department of Transport.

As of June this year, it is reported by Fleet News that there are more than 4,476 public electric vehicle charging sites with a total of 6,913 devices. Compare this with the 8,500 petrol stations in the UK and it shows the numbers are on the rise for EV stations.

Best electric cars on Sale 2017

So, what are the best electric cars on sale today? We’ve taken a look at our top 10.

Sitting at the top of the tree on a fairly high branch for the past four years has been the BMW i3. It might be costly in comparison to other cars in its class, but it delivers a good range of totally unique looks and desirability thanks to the BMW badge.

To drive it feels rather spritely to say the least and has a superbly funky interior that is more interesting than any other small electric car today. The bonus is that a facelifted version has just been unveiled along with a slightly more powerful i3 S model that should be the equivalent of an electric hot hatch.

Second on the list has to be the Hyundai Ioniq. Although not quite as uniquely styled as the BMW, it is a very accomplished electric hatch – it’s so good that you forget you are in an electric car. It feels nimble through the twisty stuff and more than quick enough at motorway speeds.

It also has one of the best electric ranges in its class, managing more than 124 miles between charges. The interior feels solidly made with lots of useful touches such as an excellent infotainment system along with oodles of space and cubbyholes.

The Tesla Model S is the most premium electric car on sale today. It also has the most range managing up to 600 miles between charges. However, the downside is that it costs considerably more than any other electric car. The range starts at £69,400 before the government grant.

Outside it has a sleek, sophisticated look and inside is the same with a general feel of luxury about it. The main tech inside is the huge central screen that operates like a giant iPad. Another great feature about this car is the fact you can have it as a seven-seater. Open the tailgate and two rear-facing jump seats fold out of the floor and are more than capable of taking children or smaller adults.

However, if you need a bigger car then the Tesla Model X is a worthy contender that easily seats seven people and takes their luggage. It stands out from the crowd too thanks to the rear gullwing doors.

Another very new addition to the ever-expanding electric car market comes from Volkswagen. The e-Up! has been a very popular supermini since its launch in 2011, so making an electric version should prove a good move by VW.

Priced from £25,280 it is far from cheap and although smaller is on a par with the Hyundai Ioniq price wise. However, its funky looks and charm mixed with a claimed 99 miles of range mean it is the ideal town or city car.

Other cars that make the list include the Nissan Leaf, which has been the best-selling electric car in the world since it was first unveiled seven years ago. An all-new version is on the way which Nissan hopes will be just as popular.

The Volkswagen e-Golf is another worthy list maker. Like its smaller sibling – the e-Up! – it offers all the popularity and practicality of a Golf without the fuel consumption.

The Renault Zoe is a very practical electric hatchback that works very well thanks to its affordability, helped by the faxt you rent the batteries

Like the Volkswagen e-up! the Smart ForTwo ED is an electric supermini which has been designed as a perfect city car. It has a range of 100 miles but costs from £16,000. There is also a ForFour version too, which adds two extra doors and two extra seats.

The final vehicle on the list is still a very rare sight on UK roads. The Nissan e-NV200 Combi van costs from £26,309 after the government grant and is available in several variations. From standard panel van to minibus, the e-NV200 Combi is fairly revolutionary in terms of the idea behind it. It doesn’t have a huge range, but at 106 miles it has plenty to get around a town or city.

To learn more about owning an electric vehicle, check out our Electric Cars Guide.