English drivers are being warned about the forthcoming changes to the drink-driving laws in Scotland, which will see the legal limit reduced.

A report issued by Scottish MPs backing the move to drop the legal drink-driving limit to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, is keen to inform English drivers who live around the Scottish border of the change to the law, which could mean that one pint is enough to put drivers over the limit.

Councillors in the towns along the England-Scotland border have also expressed their concern, stating that motorists in areas such as Cumbria might not be aware of the updated law, which could result in drivers losing their license, reports the Scotsman.


The new Scottish drink-drive limit will stand at 50mg per 100ml of blood.

Ahead of the new law’s introduction, police have stated that they expect hundreds of Scottish drivers to lose their license as a direct result of the new law change, with, in effect, "no safe limit" for drivers.

Scotland’s Justice Committee is also keen to make sure that drivers living outside of country are aware of the new changes. The committee has stated that more could be done to make sure that both drivers from across the UK and foreign visitors are aware of the change to the law.

In attempt to ensure visitors are aware of the changes to the drink-driving limit, Scottish MPs have called for signposting on the bordering areas and for advertising campaigns to be rolled out in airports and ferry terminals in Scotland to ensure that drivers understand the significance of the new law.

Picture: Photagraphee.eu