Modern cars may all look pretty similar, but one car that doesn’t look like anything else on the road, is the Italdesign Aztec, which came to life as a concept car in 1988.

Resembling a sleek extra from Back to the Future, this curvy machine looks like every eight-year-olds’ dream car, with a quirky two seater cabin that separates driver and passenger and high-tech-for-the-80s external control panels letting you check brake fluid, engine oil and coolant levels, all without having to lift the bonnet. Sadly the price tag is also firmly in dream territory.

The seller of this car is looking for a whopping $750,000 (£459,000). If that seems like an astronomical figure, bear in mind that the original owner paid a ludicrous $2,200,000 for this car – the first off the production line – which features the signature of famed Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro on its flanks. With inflation that’s equivalent to more than £3,152,000.

This rare machine is up for sale at a whopping £459,000.

Less than 50 of these low-slung sports cars were made and this model has covered just 800 miles over its lifetime – at a cost of $2,750 (£1,684) per mile, due to its enormous price tag. Despite the unique bodywork, the Aztec features a turbocharged Audi engine and a Lancia four-wheel drive system, meaning proven reliability and the promise of rally-car thrills.

The Aztec also has an unusual steering wheel-like centre console for the passenger – perfect for back seat drivers. Though the car is barely run in, it looks like the huge price tag put off auction bidders, with even the $500,000 (£306,000) reserve price not being met. In fact not one bid was placed on this stunning machine.

If you have a few hundred thousand pounds spare, this could be the car for you.

Picture: suredad64