The new Volkswagen Up now comes with an extensive personalisation programme that gives customers a dizzying 63,180 possible colour combinations.

There are 13 base exterior colours to choose from, of which seven are totally new to the Up range. Two premium paint options are available in Habanero Orange and Savanna Gold.

Once the main colour has been chosen, customers can then dive into the extensive options that’ll make their car stand out. The roof can be specified in black, white or grey to offset the body colour.

There are a number of different alloy wheel designs available, and each has its own palette of available colours. For example, the ‘La Boca Black’ design can also be given a beige, orange or grey coating. The door mirrors can then be finished to match the bodywork, roof or wheels depending on the customer’s preference.

The next stage of giving each Up its own unique design is adding one of six side decals. For the more extrovert buyer, there’s a ‘This side up!’ decal for the roof and a bonnet decal that paints a road across the bonnet.

Personalisation isn’t exclusive to the exterior. There are eight colour combinations available for the seat upholstery that range from bright to dark depending on the aura the driver wants to create.

The dashboard is also customisable, with nine different looks available that include solid colours and pixelated designs.

The new Volkswagen Up starts from £8,995.