Volvo has a reputation for developing sophisticated safety kit – from pedestrian airbags to slick crash-avoidance kit. The company’s latest piece of life-saving gear, however, revolves around a clever helmet for cyclists, which can communicate with Volvo’s cars.

Developed with protective sports equipment manufacturer POC, this new wearable tech will be demonstrated at the upcoming consumer electronics show to take place in Las Vegas on January 6 to 9.

This world-first technology can connect drivers and cyclists to improve road safety, by alerting drivers to the presence of unseen cyclists close to the car. According to Volvo figures, 50 per cent of all cyclists killed in Europe were involved in collisions with cars, while nearly 50,000 cyclists are killed or injured in the USA every year.

The new helmet has been created with the aim to signal an end to crashes between cars and bikes by offering two-way communication between drivers and cyclists. It can also give drivers proximity alerts to limit the number of accidents involving two and four-wheelers.

With cycling taking off as an effective form of transport around the world, this new tech could be arriving at just the right time. Take a look at the video above to see just what this gear can do.

Picture: Volvo