Electric commercial vehicles firm Volta Trucks has announced that it has joined forces with one of the largest property owners in London’s West End to help reduce emissions in the capital

Set to launch as a trial in summer 2022, the all-electric Volta Zero truck will be used around the prestigious Regent Street as part of its commitment to reducing emissions. 

Spanning across workplace, retail, dining, residential and leisure stores, The Crown Estate offers a single consolidation centre outside of London’s Congestion Charge where deliveries can be brought without facing some of London’s busiest roads.

From there the Volta Zero truck is able to bring deliveries to the stores and premises themselves, with the HGV’s 95-125-mile electric range said to provide ample miles for this task. The Estate will work with Clipper Logistics to carry out these duties, with the aim of reducing both congestion and pollution. 

Essa Al-Saleh, chief executive officer of Volta Trucks, said: “The full-electric Volta Zero is specifically designed for zero-emission urban distribution with exactly The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics’ use case in mind.

“And with 8.6 tonnes of payload, it was created to consolidate deliveries and reduce congestion of smaller vehicles on city centre streets. I look forward to seeing The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics-liveried vehicles operating on the famous streets of London’s West End in only a few months’ time.”

Headquartered in Sweden, built in Austria and with engineering led in the UK, Volta Trucks’ Zero is the first purpose-built 16-tonne electric commercial vehicle, with the company having an aim to eliminate 1.2m tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2025 through its trucks.