Two experienced model makers have constructed what’s thought to be the world’s largest Lego camper van made from 400,000 bricks.

Built as a full-size scale of the Volkswagen ‘Bulli’, which was the prototype that inspired the T2. The Lego T2 is currently on show at the ‘ leisure fair’ in Munich until February 24.

The incredible model was constructed in just six weeks by two experienced model makers, weighing 700kg in total.

The recreation doesn’t scrimp on the original’s features either, with the two designers creating the iconic pop-up roof, sliding door and interior fittings to the model. On show next to the real deal in Munich, the Lego version looks remarkably similar to the road-going Bulli.

Rene Hoffmeister, one of just 12 certified Lego model makers, built the VW alongside colleague Pascal Lenhard, although they did encounter some hiccups on the way including missing 20,000 transparent bricks for the windows. Many nights and weekends were needing to get the project finished, confirmed Hoffmeister.

The five-metre long model was designed and planned using 3D images, with the construction plans able to calculate the precise number of bricks needed to complete the project.

This is by no means the first time full-size models of cars have been made using Lego. At January’s North American International Show in Detroit, Chevrolet showed off a full-size replica of its Silverado pick-up (not on sale in the UK), which required nearly 335,000 bricks to construct.

though perhaps the most ambitious Lego car came last year when designers were tasked with making a scale model of Bugatti’s 1,479bhp hypercar. The most taxing part being that it needed to be able to move under its own steam.

The impressive project was powered using 2,304 motors from Lego Technic, and could travel at speeds up to 12mph. This model took 18 experts a year to build, while Lego launched a 1:8 scale model with 3,599 pieces, allowing fans to build a Bugatti themselves, with the set costing £329.99.