German car maker Volkswagen has announced a partnership with car sharing network Zipcar, providing it with 50 Golf GTE plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Titled ‘Zipwagen’, the scheme sees a relationship formed between one of Europe’s biggest car manufacturers and the world’s largest car-sharing networks.

Offering incredibly low emissions, the cars can provide transport for motorists for just £7 per hour in London, utilising Zipcar’s numerous charging stations dotted across the capital.

The scheme is set to take advantage of a growing number of motorists who wish to use cars only when they need to, rather than through ownership. Car sharing schemes are growing in popularity as they offer drivers low-cost motoring only when they require it.

With an all-electric range of 31 miles, the GTE is the ideal car for the city centre. This, when combined with the car’s petrol combustion engine, generates a range of up to 580 miles – more than enough for a short stint out of town.

Rod McLeod, head of marketing at Volkswagen UK, said: “Volkswagen is once again demonstrating its forward thinking with this exciting new Zipwagen initiative. We are already leading the way in terms of product technology and the new car buying experience – from clicks right through to collection – but this partnership with Zipcar shows that we are also providing attractive solutions to an increasing number of inner-city residents who want to use cars on demand in preference to actually owning one.”

Zipcar currently operates in urban areas, as well as college campuses across Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.