Car manufacturers are forever telling us how their cars are more practical and family friendly than their rivals, and are offering increasingly diverse model ranges with cars designed for people with very specific needs.

One such niche that has grown in popularity in recent years is that of the mini MPV. Based on smaller supermini offerings, but with taller roofs and elongated bodies for increased practicality, they are touted as the ultimate transport for those needing space for the family, but that don’t want to give up the economy and city nippiness of their Ford Fiesta or Renault Clio. Are they worth the extra outlay, though?

In the first in a series of ‘Will it Fit?’ videos, we test a trio of the best mini MPVs on the market in a number of real world scenarios. From a trip to the tip, that dash to the supermarket with the little one in tow to a full-blown weekend at the grandparents, we assess the load and passenger space of each vehicle to see how they fare.

The cars we’ve elected to put under our test microscope are the innovative new Ford B-Max, which increases practicality with its clever, pillar-less rear doors, the Skoda Roomster with its multi-adjustable interior, and the Kia Venga, which provides a strong ownership proposition with its seven-year warranty.

So, if you’re tempted by the extra practicality that these cars claim to come with, watch the video below to see whether they will really meet your requirements.

Stephen Jury


July 18, 2013

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