What happens when you mix cars and animals?

May 14, 2015 | By | In Buying Guides, Video

For those of you looking for some light-hearted viewing, there’s nothing like a video featuring some hilarious animal behaviour to tick the box. But here at our heart belongs to all things motoring, so we’ve pulled together a list of our top five videos featuring the ultimate combination: animals and cars. 

Our first look is at an impatient dog left in the car on its own who’s found a clever way of attracting attention:

Let’s be honest, cats and cars don’t mix. This example is certainly entertaining but the owner’s not going to get anywhere fast!

This dog also knows how to make some noise while keeping fellow passengers entertained at the same time.

Here we see an animal with a need for speed as it takes on a rally car. Yes, really!

Finally, here’s a warning of what can happen if you leave your car unattended in the company of cute little monkeys. A reminder to us all to secure our belongings when visiting a safari park!

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