Top Five Movie Car Chases

February 3, 2015 | By | In Buying Guides, Video

Supercars, super speed and super stars are the three key elements needed for the ultimate car chase and although the formula sounds simple, it seems there’s a little more to it when faced with picking the best ones.

It’s been hard work selecting just five film favourites, leaving the Fast & Furious franchise and The Italian job to one side, but we think this mix of action, comedy and drama covers it all. Do you agree?

Let us know which chases you think should make the cut by leaving a comment below for a chance to feature in our upcoming readers’ pick top ten compilation. 

Ronin, 1998

This sees an army veteran, played by Robert de Niro, speed through the narrow streets and underpasses of Paris in a bid to complete his mission. We love this clip as it shows de Niro’s Peugeot 406 giving the BMW it’s pursuing a real run for its money, manoeuvring around the double-parked cars with little regard for passing pedestrians. 

Casino Royal, 2006

It’s difficult to decide whether the prospect of Bond dying or writing off an Aston Martin is worse. Daniel Craig is fearless as our hero and has no qualms about putting this high-performance car through its paces which was filmed at Milbrook’s proving ground in Bedfordshire. But what really clinched it is the heart-stopping roll which is about as dramatic as stunts get. Plus no car chase compilation would be complete without a Bond film.

Bullit, 1968

A car chase round-up wouldn’t be complete without the iconic scene which film buffs tend to agree is the first modern car chase in film history. The revolutionary ten minute sequence shows off the 1968 Ford Mustang GT perfectly, whilst allowing Steve McQueen’s driving skills to really shine as he whizzes up and down San Francisco. 

The Bourne Identity, 2002

Another chase set in Paris, but this time we see Matt Damon hell bent on pursuing the CIA. The classic red Mini is given a real test, driving at high speeds on an assault-like course which includes right hand turns, squeezing through narrow alleys and even driving down a flight of stairs, proving why the small-but-mighty car is still a favourite. 

Cars 2, 2002

Cars by name, cars by nature. This family friendly Disney sequel is all about the automobiles. The totally unbelievable chase scene is really brought to life with its 3D CGI characters flying around the city (sometimes literally!) using a whole host of extreme modifications such as grenade-throwing alloys to defeat the baddies and skis to aid a quick getaway. We think it’s the perfect film for kids into cars and us grown-ups love it too!

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