Snapshot Review: Volkswagen Touran

February 17, 2014 | By | In Reviews, Video

When it comes to the business of regularly carrying squabbling children, fussy in-laws, destructive pets and all the other accoutrements of family life, there’s no doubt that superior build quality and toughness will win through over skin-deep style and flare.

Second-hand VW Tourans are available for just £10,000 on

One car manufacturer that has always had quality in spades is Volkswagen, which recently launched a refreshed version of its Touran MPV. Based on the class-leading Golf hatchback, the seven-seater features all of the desirable characteristics of its smaller sibling.

Despite lacking some of the design inspiration of some rivals, the Touran’s cockpit will prove instantly familiar, even if you’re not used to VW products. Every switch and dial is positioned just-so, and has a built to last feel, no matter how chaotic the school run can get.

Further back in the cabin there’s room for three adults on the middle row of seats (which can be slid back and forth), and space for two children in the rearmost seats, which fold flat into the boot floor.

Click play above to find out if the Volkswagen Touran should make it onto your shortlist for a new MPV.

If you’d rather buy second-hand, the Touran is available in our classifieds from around £10,000.

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