Cars in extraordinary situations

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What do you use your car for? Is it to commute to work, to help you visit friends and family, explore new places, get the weekly shop?

For some people, a car is much more than a means of going from A to B – it’s something in which you can achieve some spectacular (and funny) things. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite stunts and record-breaking attempts with cars (but don’t try these at home!):

1. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, right? Wrong! In New Zealand, three dogs were taught to drive. Monty the Giant Schnauzer cross breed and two other hounds from a dog rescue centre were taught how to change gear and move the steering wheel in just seven weeks. All part of an ingenious campaign to encourage people to adopt these clever animals.


2. Wheelies – they might be the preserve of cop show car chases, but there’s a real knack to them. At the annual Jalopy Showdown in Pennsylvania, USA, there is a wheelie competition for anyone who wants to put their vehicle through its paces. Wheely good stuff.


3. When Jaguar launched its new aluminium XF model in March 2015, it broke the world record for longest high-wire water crossing when it conquered the 240 metre width of the River Thames on 28mm cables, 18 metres above the water level. You can see this incredible feat here – that’s a piece of steady driving, if ever we’ve seen one.


4. If you love speed, keep a look out for Wing Commander Andy Green’s attempted land speed record later in 2015. He set the land speed record in 1997 with the Thrust SSC vehicle, achieving 763mph. This year, he hopes his Bloodhound SSC (Super-Sonic Car) will smash 800mph when he heads to the South African desert. But he already has his sights on attempting the Holy Grail of land speed records next year: 1,000 mph.


5. How often have you attempted to parallel park in a tight spot, then given it up? In January 2015, Andy Moffatt managed to set a new record by parallel parking a Fiat 500 with just 7.5cm to spare. Not to be attempted in your local high street but it’d be an impressive skill to have!


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