Tuning cars is big business. In Britain alone, millions of pounds a year are spent on aftermarket parts, designed to enhance the performance and handling of almost every road car available today.

Unfortunately, thanks to our love of economical hatchbacks, the most extreme performance tuning we are ever likely to see on the road will involve a Honda Civic, slammed to the floor on rock-solid suspension, blaring a farting exhaust note at anything over an idle.

Thankfully in America, the land of the muscle car, performance tuning is a tad more extreme. The Shelby GT500, which is available stateside for the price of a mid-range BMW 3-series, already packs a supercar frightening 662bhp as standard, thanks to its 5.8-litre supercharged engine. Performance tuning specialists such as Shelby and Roush will take that to even greater heights, exploiting the big power gains available when you enhance a massive , but relatively simple (by that we mean ‘less complicated parts to go pop’) engine.

And so it transpired for this Mustang owner. Strapped to a rolling road – a machine used for measuring a car’s power – he gleefully winds up his scarlet convertible to the delight of onlookers, to prove just how much extra brawn his Shelby tuned car has to offer.

As the revs and the din rise ever higher, you can just sense something’s about to go wrong. Ultimately the Mustang proves too much for the machine, which gives up in spectacular fashion.

It’s a nasty bang, followed by a lot of expensive sounding grinding, as spinning parts clatter against pristine body panels, resulting in a not-too-amused owner.

At least there’ll be no doubting his car’s muscle after this.

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