If you’ve got small children who are convinced that the Autobots from the Transformers film franchise are real, we’d advise against showing them the above video, as you’ll never again be able to tell them they are a work of fiction.

One ardent fan of the fighty Michael Bay series has created what must be the best Transformers costume ever conceived. Not only does the outfit turn into a perfectly formed (albeit dinky) car, it actually drives (sort-of), thanks to a motorised axle built into the sleeve.

The bright yellow Autobot is in fact Bumbleebee (ask your kids), the most recognisable of the Transformers characters thanks to his bright yellow paintwork and the fact that he turns into a sleek Chevrolet Camaro muscle car, rather than a lumbering HGV.

Increasing the character’s cool factor even further, for the upcoming fourth installment to the franchise, Bumblebee is likely to take the form of a sleek 2014 Camaro Concept, featuring a new, more modern design, but crucially keeping the iconic yellow and black paint scheme.

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