Wouldn’t you love to design your own car? Perhaps you’re bored of the seriousness and ice-cool designs of modern motors and think cars would be much better with huge wings and funny horns.

Those, who’ve ever had a hankering to pen their own car will know about the Homer car. Featured in The Simpons episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” in which Homer Simpson gets a job designing cars at his long-lost brother’s car company, the crass looking vehicle is a stark reminder why car design shouldn’t be left to donut-munching morons.

This design abomination was thankfully limited to cartoon form, until someone decided they couldn’t live without one in their lives and created a working version.

Called the Porcubimmer, it is the work of US racing outfit Porcubimmer Motors, and has recently been entered into the 24 Hours of LeMons, a tribute event of the Le Mans race for junk cars.

It’s accurate down to the last detail, including a ‘squishee’ drinks holder attached to the door, and a separate bubble compartment for annoying relatives.

Click play below to see the Porcubimmer in action.

                Picture from YouTube