Elephants may be seen as gentle giants, but one enormous pachyderm calmly destroyed a car in one of Thailand’s largest national parks on Saturday.

Tourists visiting the Khao Yai national park, located in north east Thailand, got a lot closer to nature than they may have expected, when the enraged elephant started battering the front bumper of a car before trampling over the bonnet, claim reports from local tourist Yuthida Phachirat, who filmed the carnage. Phachirat and a friend had been passing through the mountain forests when they spotted the incident.

In response to the attack park officials have suggested that the elephant may have been on heat or frustrated after lots of traffic had used the local roads over the holiday season. Another elephant attack was reported in the restaurant next to the park office on Monday, with officials thinking that it could have been on the hunt for food.

Watch the bumper-bashing elephant’s rampage for yourself in the video above.

Video: YouTube / The Telegraph

Chris Lloyd


January 14, 2015