Chances are you’ve heard the advice warning parents not to leave children in hot cars and advising pet owners to take their dogs with them when they park up.

If you think that warm temperatures are unlikely to put your children or pets at much risk, think again, as this video, starring NFL player Tyrann Mathieu, shows just how quickly temperatures can rocket in a car.

Climbing into the vehicle in 32-degree heat, as part of a campaign by animal rights organisation PETA, the player immediately looks uncomfortable in the stifling car. Just two minutes into the challenge, the temperature sits at 36 degrees.

After four minutes the player is sweating profusely as the temperature in the car nears 41 degrees – despite heavily tinted windows on half of the glass in the car. Two minutes later and the mercury hits 45 degrees with Mathieu looking increasingly uncomfortable.

And just eight minutes after climbing into the car the NFL player calls it a day, as the heat reaches 49 degrees and deep sweat patches break through his T-shirt.

Watch for yourself in the video above.

Video: PETA

Chris Lloyd


July 22, 2015