The city car sector is big business at the moment, which is why Suzuki has joined the club with this – the Celerio.

Replacing the Alto and Splash, the new Celerio is designed to offer consumers low-cost motoring without too many drawbacks. That’s why you’ll find all models in the range coming with alloy wheels, radio and Bluetooth.

Up front the Celerio is neatly styled, with the two-bar chrome grille really lifting the look of the car.

Inside, you’ll find a cabin that is certainly basic, but not badly put together. Sure, some of the plastics are a little hard in places, but for the most part it’s a nice place to be. Air conditioning comes as standard on all models, which will be a plus for many.

There’s two large cupholders inside, though the door bins aren’t very big which means there’s limited storage space.

If you’re willing to budge up, there’s enough space for three people in the back. I wouldn’t advise this for longer trips, as it’ll be a little bit tight for three.

Boot room isn’t something you’d expect from a small city car, but in the Celerio it’s better than you’d think. With a 254-litre capacity, it’s certainly big enough for a weekly shop, and larger than those you’d find in most rivals.

There’s only one engine to choose from, a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol. If you’ve got speed on the brain, then you may be a little disappointed here – the Celerio puts out 67bhp and will take 13 seconds to reach 62mph. That said, it is very economical, returning around 65mpg and emitting just 99g/km C02 – meaning you won’t pay any vehicle tax for it.

The Celerio is best suited around town. It’s easy to drive the Celerio through tight spaces, and it’s a doddle to park too. VisibiltyVisibility is excellent as well, as is the car’s turning circle. The car’s five-speed manual gearbox isn’t bad either.

The Celerio only begins to feel a little uncomfortable at higher speeds, where road noise and wind noise picks up.

If you’re wanting a cheap and easy way to get on the road, the Celerio is a good way to go. Priced from £8,999, it’s best suited in base trim, which still gets you all manner of standard equipment. It’s economical, simple to drive around town and doesn’t look too bad either – it just falls short in terms of driving excitement. That said, if you’re looking for a car that won’t break the bank, then the Celerio is a fine choice.