The Smart car is a pretty recoginisablerecognisable little car. The ForTwo first appeared in the UK in 2000, and since then it’s become more and more grown-up. However, tThis car, however, has been breathed on by tuning company Brabus. This gives it bigger wheels, a more aggressive bodykit and – most importantly – more power. How does it change the overall package though? Let’s find out.


You could hardly describe the Smart ForTwo Brabus as boring to look at. With its sports bodykit, 17-inch alloy wheels and lowered suspension, it looks a lot beefier than you’d expect for a car measuring just 2,740mm long.


Of course, with such a small overall footprint the Smart was never going to be hugely spacious on theis inside. However, there are plenty of storage options – the is drawer underneath the gearstick, for instance, is ideal for keeping items safe from prying eyes.

You also get this nice 7.0-inch infotainment system with satellite navigation and media functions fitted as standard.


Okay, so it’s not massive. There’s 260 litres of space here, which is about big enough for a soft weekend bag or a few shopping items. It’s just the right size for a city car, though if you’re planning on carrying a lot more luggage then you may want to opt for a conventional hatchback.


You’d think that with an engine packing just over 100bhp that the Smart Brabus ForTwo wouldn’t be much fun to drive. However, tThis isn’t true at allthe truth at all, however. The lowered suspension means there’s hardly any body roll through the corners, while the six-speed dual-clutch gearbox gives surprisingly crisp shifts – though it can be a bit dim-witted at times. OAnd, once you’re done hooning around, it’s an absolute doddle to park. It has a claimed economy of 62.7mpg too, so there won’t be all that many trips to the pump.

You do get cruise control, and though it buzzes at high revs at motorway speeds it isn’t all that tiring to drive over long distances.


The Smart Brabus ForTwo is a surprising amount of fun. Thanks to decent punch, it’s good to drive on twisty roads while its small size means it remains the king of the city. Yes, it’s a touch expensive – prices start at £16,320 – but this seems like a small price to pay given its usable performance and good build quality.