The Kia Sorento has changed drastically since it was introduced a decade ago. When it was first introduced, it was a little rough around the edges, and certainly no premium SUV challenger. Now though, it’s closer to the pace than ever and the styling reflects this. With a new, imposing grille, rear spoiler and daytime running lights, the Kia certainly looks the part. It’s not as stylish as, say, a Discovery Sport, but it’s a solid effort. 

Inside, the cabin reflects the Sorento’s premium aspirations with a well-laid out dashboard, including an 8-inch touchscreen and eye-catching speedometer display. Quality has also been improved, with nicer feeling materials throughout the cabin. 

It’s worth remembering that the Sorento isn’t a budget choice anymore with the range-topper at over £40,000, so an improved cabin is a must, not a novelty.  Seven seats are as standard, which is a real plus for families. Boot space is also great, as long as you fold the extra seats down first.

Standard equipment is generous, with reversing sensors, cruise control, air conditioning and a seven-year warranty all included. Kia has clearly taken safety seriously, boasting a five-star safety rating. The Kia also tells you when you accidently change lanes, and helps with your blind-spots. 

The engine is a 2.2-Litre diesel, producing 197bhp. It’s pretty quiet at normal speeds, which is what you want from a family car. What is most encouraging is that the Sorento has a really smooth ride, easily soaking up bumps, which is important in this market as the car must be comfortable, rather than being performance orientated. It’s refreshing, as more and more cars have become stiff when you come across a rough bit of road. 

Overall, the Sorento is a good offering from Kia, who has worked hard on making it smoother and more upmarket. Although the styling falls short of some of its rivals, it’s really not bad and is a comfortable and practical choice. However, with a starting price of £28,795, it’s certainly got competition, including the cheaper Nissan X-Trail.

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