If you're in the market for a large seven seater, then you've never had so much choice – especially if you like your Fords, as the company now offers three seven seat versions in the C-Max, S-Max and this, the Galaxy.

As you can tell from its dimensions the Galaxy is the biggest of the trio, and features rather sober styling. Nothing flash or sporty here – thats reserved for the S-Max. In fact, it’s this space and somewhat executive styling that makes it such a hit with minicab drivers.

There are some crossovers though. As with the S-MAX, the Ford Galaxy's driving position is great. You sit high but still low enough so that you don’t feel you’re ‘on top’ of the car. The driving position is fully adjustable, and the dashboard is well made with lots of soft-touch materials, and all the controls are logically placed.

The Galaxy’s big plus over the S-MAX is the fact that adults really can get into the third row of seats. The Galaxy boasts increased headroom which means passengers have little problem getting comfy and with the rear chairs in place, boot space is still a respectable 308 litres – which is about the same as that offered in a supermini. There’s a van-like amount of room in five-seat mode, and with everything folded flat, there’s an enormous 2,325 litres, rivaling small vans for loadspace.

The Ford Galaxy is one of the best full-sized seven-seaters on the market to drive. It’s not quite as sporty as the S-MAX, but the steering is responsive and accurate, and it corners well with limiting body roll. It also has a compliant ride and seems to completely insulate occupants from road and wind noise, even at motorway speeds.

There's a good selection of petrol and diesel engines. The entry level 1.6-litre ecoboost petrol is refined and flexible but we’d be more inclined to opt for the 2.2 litre TDCi for its +40mpg fuel economy. 

That's what we think, but what does our group of consumers make of it? Watch the video above to find out.