Ferrari is one of the most recognisable names in the motoring industry, but think of it and it’ll likely conjure up images of bright red, two-seater supercars. You probably won’t think of this – the four-seater GTC4 Lusso. However, with a V12 under the bonnet and a luxurious interior, it’s easily worthy of the prancing horse badge. Why? Let’s find out.


The exterior of the GTC4 Lusso is positively beautiful. Long, flowing lines lead into sharp light designs. It looks particularly special in this metallic blue colour, with the tan leather interior offsetting it perfectly.


Underneath this huge bonnet sits a 6.3-litre, naturally aspirated V12. Power is 680bhp – up from the 651bhp in the FF it replaces. It’s a sonorous engine, and the rev limiter sits at 8,250rpm – and it’ll happily scream all the way up to that redline.

You can also get the Lusso with a 3.9-litre V8 with 602bhp, though that loses the all-wheel-drive technology you’ll find in this V12.


What is the Ferrar GTC4 Lusso like to drive? Pretty amazing, really. There’s power throughout the rev range, and there’s power in all gears. It’s quite brutal with its shifts, but that’s what you want from a car like this.

It actually has a two-speed gearbox ahead of the engine, and that sends power to the front wheels. It means that when you set the car to ‘Wet’, you can actually use it in the wet.

One thing you might associate with Ferrari is a firm ride and though the GTC4 Lusso’s ride is quite firm, the bumpy road button on the steering wheel allows you to soften it off.

One thing you also have to consider when driving the GTC4 Lusso is the sheer size of the thing. It’s pretty massive. However, large windscreen and decent side windows does mean it’s slightly easier to drive than you would expect.

Another thing that you have to orientate yourself to is the car’s steering. You’re going to have to get acquainted to over a couple of miles, simply because it is so quick.


Everything inside the GTC4 Lusso has been very well made, with fine leather used on pretty much everything you can touch. This large touchscreen now features Apple CarPlay, giving you better integration between smartphone and the car’s system.

Of course, being a modern Ferrari the majority of driving controls are located on the steering wheel. You’ll also find buttons for the indicators, main beams and windscreen wipers among others on the wheel.


The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is somewhat of a masterclass. It’s fast, comfortable and beautiful to look at. It’s accompanied by a fearsome price tag, but then we expect that from a product of Modena. If you’re looking to travel long distances in immense comfort and at great speed, the GTC4 Lusso is the car for you.