With sleek styling and great build quality, it's no wonder the Audi SUVs are so popular. The Q5 is the mid size off-roader in Audi's range, and is the default choice for families looking for an understated, roomy car. 

Whilst the looks don't attract much attention, that's the point of the Audi Q5. Understatement is an Audi byword with its simple lines and classy look. There's no doubting it's a handsome thing, and it matches its premium status perfectly. Seen here in S Line trim, the larger alloys, big brakes and quad pipes do make it look a little more imposing, but don't appear overly aggressive.

Inside, the cabin is superb – as you'd expect of an Audi. Noone does dashboards quite like them, and their surfaces have a quality feel and are well put together. Whilst it is often easy to make a cabin look cluttered or even tacky, the Q5's works brilliantly. The sports seats are a little firm, though, and if you're travelling on long journeys they can become a little bit irritating.

As with all cars equipped with matt black trim, fingerprints will become rife – especially when it's used as a family car. These are little niggles but worth considering when specing a Q5. 

The Audi Q5 is pretty practical, offering space for five people and plenty of head room. The boot is also a good size, something surprising given the swooping roof line. You can get equipment such as cruise control, climate control and a driver's information system as standard, while SQ5s like this get a host of sporty touches like the sports steering wheel and exterior flick-ups.

The Q5 in the video above packs a three litre V6 boasting 242bhp. This makes the Audi quick indeed, although any SQ5 buyers will opt for the diesel variant, which has 309bhp.

As with most off-roaders these days, the SQ5 handles much like a hatchback, which is a plus considering how bulky it is. 

Overall, the SQ5 is a classy, refined SUV which offers families practicality, but with a premium edge.