You can often tell the level of care a motorist lavishes on their car by the amount of animal detritus there is on it. Paint-ruining bird dirt suggests a lazy owner, while cobwebs around the door mirrors suggest lack of use.

However, we shudder to think what Harwood’s group Audi dealership must have thought of this R8’s owner when he brought it in for work.

Having taken it out of winter hibernation, the owner found that the handbrake wouldn’t engage properly and upon further inspection noticed that there was a mysterious object wedged underneath it.

The technicians were in for a shock when they removed the interior trim. While tucked away for the winter, the exotic Audi supercar was invaded by a family of mice, who had used the car’s innards to hoard a mountain of dog biscuits.

Click play below to see the impressive hoard uncovered. It might get you wondering what’s lurking under your own car’s interior trim.

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